• Golden ratio

    ((We play progressive, asymmetric music. Soon, we'll be near your place))

    Progressive Rock.

    Jacket plays all kinds of progressive rock, in a aspecial, unique and one of a kind way.

    Asymmetric Music.

    Alternatively, sWe will show you exactly what Assymetric music is all about. You can hear us play!

    Oriental Music.

    Don't know what Oriental music is all about? Search our site and read all about it!

  • Music

    ((Rock is a special kind of progressive rock, that is smooth and sharp))

    Rhythmic Structures.

    Based in indie rock and experimental rock, our rock is special and soothing.

    Special Pace.

    Have you ever rode a rollercoaster with different kinds of loops?

    Instrumental Focus.

    In our rock, the musical instruments are of the highest significance.

  • Special

    ((We play a special kind of music, one that will stick with you for a long time))

    Assymetric Music.

    Mostly in the pace of 7/8, Assymetric Music is something like no other.


    The feeling and effect of Asymmetric music is like no other type of music.

    Contact Us.

    Contact us now and experience the most special kind of music for yourself.

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Welcome to our site.

Golden Ratio welcomes you to its new and advanced site. Discover new things. Now.

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  • A song about the freedom that lies inside all of us. Each and every one of
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  • A song about invisibility. What we see around us, is not necessarily the truth.
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  • In Hebrew, "Tzadikim" means "The righteous ones". This song tells their tale.
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Asymmetric Music.

A wonderful, colorful and ambiguous kind of music.

Book a show.

Via mail of phone. +972526558146

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